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The Music Ministry is one of the largest ministries at Pilgrim Progress

Baptist Church. We have two main purposes for our existence. First of all,

our purpose is to render praises and adoration to a MOST WORTHY GOD through songs of praise and worship. Secondly, our purpose is to point attention to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ by singing songs that allows

the congregation to FOCUS on HIM.


It's Not about us; It's about Jesus!

The Music Ministry exist to bring praise to the Lord, both corporately, as a church body, and individually; and to prepare the hearts of the congregation

for the preaching of the Word of God.


The Pilgrim Progress Music Ministry consist of individuals giving God

the praise through song.


The Pilgrim Progress Music Ministry is made up of four different parts. They consist of The United Voices, Inspiration Voices, and Youth Choir. Most of all he/she must love the Lord, Play for the Glory of God.

He/she also must be "FAT"- Faithful, Available-Teachable.




Contact Information:

Paul Scott - Minister of Music


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