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Our Church


Our mission is to obtain demographic and other pertinent information from

each existing and new members.

To identify any God given gifts that will assist in fulfilling God's plan of

teaching and serving.


We Assist the widespread ministry of the Lord, by helping the new

members learn the true meaning of membership in a Baptist Church.

The New Mebers Orientation ministry works closely with all new members. They have the responsibility for meeting and greeting new memberss upon their joining the church.

This ministry welcomes new members into our church body, assisting them

in filling out new members registration forms, provide them with information

on their new member class, and show them where they will be attending Sunday School.


New Members Orientation last for 5- week of basic bible training. The subjects of discussion are:

1.The meaning of Church Membership

2.The Church Covenant

3.Christian Growth

4.Baptist History

5.Baptist Doctrine

6.Baptist and Other Denominations

7.God's Plan of Church Finance

8.Baptist Church at Work

The New Membership Orientation Class meets on Saturday at 4:00pm.




Contact Information:

Doris Brodie

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