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The Christian Education Ministry of PPBC was founded in 1993 by our

Pastor, Rev. Gerald Parker, Sr. This ministry's is composed of dedicated leaders who demonstrate a passion for the growth and development of

our church members. At present it is composed of nine (9) members.


Our goal is to provide a thorough program of Biblical education so that each student grows in his/her understanding of Scripture's content and implication;

to lead people to a commitment to God and a personal relationship with Him. To encourage a Biblical relationship with other Christians through vital

participation with then in the local church; and to develop in them a Biblical commitment to personal growth and ministry.


The Christian Education Ministry is to oversee the total educational program

of the church and to ensure provisions that will create and cultivate a

learning process.


To SEEK God's will is life's greatest adventure.

To FIND God's will is life's greatest discovery.

To DO God's will is life's greatest achievement and thus, fulfill God's plan of teaching and serving.


The Christian Education Ministry provides all members a Christian

educational opportunity to develop a better chance to be a disciple for





Contact Information:

Rodney Evans


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