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Our Church


Motto: Serve God By Serving Others


Mission:Reach and Teach the congregation and the people of the community.


Vision: To share our faith and belief in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. To bring the hope of Christ to the church family and comomunity through a

growing understanding of Christian stewardship in relation to spiritual,

physical, emotional, social, and mental health. To provide opportunities for health professionals to work where God is already working.



1. Promote responsible health choices and practices.


2. Conduct health screening and health promotion for the church family and community.


3. Provide first aid support for regular church services and special events.


4. Increase healthcare and awareness and knowledge among people in our church and our community.


5. to provide the human context that allays fears, frustrations, and confusion that sometimes is detriment to the optimal health of an individual or congregation.


The Health Ministry team does not provide hands on care, but rather

directs members to the most appropriate healthcare provider and

available resources. We do not replace the ministerial mission of the

church , but work to enhance its reach and effectiveness.




Contact Information:

Yvonne L. Sims-President


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