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The purpose of the Children's Church Ministry is to minister directly to the children on their level of understanding and comprehension. Our focus is for ages 3-10. Though we receive a very informative and useful message every Sunday, this age group doesn't get the full picture due to their attention span and level of understanding.


Primarily we use an object lesson so that they can see as well as hear and understand the lesson and scripture that relates to the message.

Our aim is to keep the lessons 3-5 minutes in length, examples that would

peak their interest or memory, and keep it as simple as possible. We do not meet on a regular Basis. We accept all volunteers.

This ministry demonstrate to children how to incorporate Christ's teaching in

their everyday lives.



Nurture children with Christ's teachings

Equip children with the full armor of God

Teach children to serve through missions

Lay a strong Christian foundation encouraging children to enhance or develop

a personal relationship with God.




Contact Information:

Angela Mooney


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