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Our Church


PURPOSE: Determine the food service needs of the church.


Requisition food for all scheduled meals and social functions.


Coordinate with auxiliaries in the needs for their social events.

(The kitchen committee should be notified when any auxiliary is serving food.


Work closely with the Administrative assistant to prevent over booking of kitchen.

Notify the Building Maintenance Ministry of all trash that needs to be

picked up promptly.


Oversee the kitchen and equipment.


Responsible for the organizing and serving of all dinners and functions

held at Pilgrim Progress. (Menu, production, and serving of meals, kitchen helpers, catering, buying of food, etc.)


Compose of three to six members elected to 1-year term. The chairman

should be elected by the church each year to serve as such for (1) year. Committee membership shall elect their vice-chairman and secretary

each year prior to January 1.




Contact Information:

Doris Brodie

501-374-3399 or

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